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Demand for Accounting Professionals in Australia is expected to Increase to


by the year

Why Australia

Why Choose Australia?

The pandemic has caused companies to implement a temporary hiring freeze which led to a decrease in accounting resources, but consequently, there’s an increase in demand as projected in a post-COVID world. A recent survey shows that accounting belongs in the top three most sought-after positions by employers in Australia.
So why choose Australia now?
Finance and Accounting professionals belong in the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)
Finance and Accounting professionals are included on the list of occupations to be prioritised in filling the needs to support Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19. This increases the opportunities for international accounting professionals and students to work or study and live in Australia.
World’s Highest Minimum Wage Rate
With the country having concrete and stable social support programs, this enables their working industries to sustain their workers with competitive salary rates. Australia offers accountants an average hourly rate of $47.99.
Abundant Opportunity for Career Acceleration
With the ever-growing diverse community of professionals in Australia there will always be abundant opportunities to explore. As the world finds its way to adapt to the situation it is in, Australia keeps up with the demand for skilled accountants, resulting in generous offers and prioritised visa grants.

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